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“A year ago I decided I wanted to lose my baby weight and I am so glad that a friend recommended FITA-U Performance Centre in Paddington Brisbane. I have spent so much money on Gyms and Personal Training over the years and never gotten the results that I have from FITA-U Performance Centre. I have lost a total of 6kg of fat, increase my muscle tone and can now fit back into my engagement dress for the first time in 5 years!”

Kathy Weiden

“FITA-U Performance Centre changed my life! Ash is awesome. I lost 12kg of body fat in 15 weeks and now feel better than ever. Biggest impact has been to my family life as we now are all living a healthier lifestyle. Totally recommend!”

Cheryl Norlander

“I’ve been training at FITA-U Performance Centre since December 18 and recommend it because I have improved both my physical and mental health in a safe and fun environment. The coaches are very knowledgeable and supportive. Ash is an excellent coach but also a very hard working and passionate businessman. All in all, a great community that delivers top results – give it a try!”

Ed Stephan 

“”In the year and a half that I have been training at FITA-U Performance Centre I have seen some big changes in terms of improved strength and fitness as well as losing 10kg. The monthly changes to the strength program means that there are regular new challenges to maintain motivation. A big part of that motivation comes from the community which definitely helps through the early winter mornings”

Sean Cooper

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