About Our Centre

“Helping everyday people to achieve extraordinary results”

FITA-U Performance Centre is a boutique functional training facility based in Paddington, Brisbane. We help & educate career busy professionals, business owners and parents on how to improve their mindset, lifestyle habits, the way they move, nutrition and body shape! We believe in a no-nonsense and systemised approach to optimal wellness and guarantee that we aren’t just another conventional gym. Our in-depth initial assessment will identify your goals and starting point to allow us to work comprehensively with you and achieve results! 

Scroll through the pages of our website where you will read about people who were in similar situations to you, feeling stuck and frustrated until they decided to step up and improve their quality of life. By tapping into the amazing community we have grown and the knowledge and support of our team they have been astounded by their new found energy and confidence. Many have set and achieved goals that they never dreamed possible, reclaiming their health and happiness.

Ashley Carucci

Director & Head Coach

Hey, its Ashley here, I have been a Coach for the past 5 years and before that was training myself in a gym for 3 years.

Prior to opening FITA-U Performance Centre in 2017,  I was based at Goodlife Health Club in Bardon as a Personal Trainer for 3 years. I have very fortunate to help hundreds of everyday people achieve incredible transformations that has helped to change their life forever. I also know what it takes to get in peak physical shape and having competed successfully in INBA Fitness Modelling (International Natural Bodybuilding Association), Gold Coast Half Marathon, Bridge to Brisbane and Spartan Races.

My compassion, patience & ability to simplify and convey complex information in easy to understand language is how I have helped many clients get awesome results.

Certifications & Qualifications
– Certificate III & IV in Fitness
– Crossfit Level 1
– Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell Certified
– Basic Boxing For Fitness
– Clean Health Advanced Program Design
– iNutrition Pro Level 1
– Precision Nutrition Level 1 (currently studying)

Kim Ainslie

Assistant Coach

Hey, it’s Kim here, I have extensive experience when it comes to health and fitness having trained in gyms since my late teens.  My other passion has always been Hockey which I began playing at four.  Although now recently retired, I have played and coached at top tier Club and State level for over 20 years. I am also a proud Mum of two adult children and two beautiful grandies, Kleo and Izzy.

I decided to follow my dreams, and leave the corporate world behind in 2019.  After completing my certifications, I’ve turned my passion for fitness and nutrition into a career and am so excited to now being working in the industry. I am very passionate about training clients to be fit and strong and to be the best versions of themselves, as well as helping to educate clients on a flexible dieting approach for long term sustainability and ultimately helping everyday people to achieve long lasting results.

With a vibrant, friendly personality, I aim to provide my clients with an encouraging, motivating, fun and safe environment in which to train.  I believe there is no quick fix, just hard work, consistency and determination and I am here to help guide you and keep you accountable along the way.

Certifications & Qualifications
– Certificates III & IV in Fitness

– Certificate IV in Business Administration


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