I am not here to give a lecture on how you shouldn’t eat chocolate this Easter because lets admit it; you’re going to eat it at one point or another. But why is it year after year we find ourselves overindulging, gaining unwanted fat and feeling depressed in the weeks post Easter? What is it that triggers us off? Do we see it as an excuse to do an early year de-stress? Do we give into the pressure from our friends and family to abandon our normal habits? Or is it because our exercise decreases?

I’m sure there are a number of other contributing factors that lead to letting our waistlines grow a bit too large over the Easter holidays. But it really doesn’t need to be that way!

So how can you still have fun and enjoy the Easter treats but still stay on track? Here it is, my top 5 tips to a successful, enjoyable yet non-restrictive Easter:

  1. Savour and enjoy – I get it the Easter buns and chocolate eggs have been visible since early January, the temptation of sweet treats may be becoming just too hard to bear. But don’t derail by having it before, after as well as during Easter, instead save the traditional Easter sweets as a treat for the most important day and savour the memory of the tastes you’ve enjoyed.
  1. Think real food – Over the years well known chocolate brands have become increasingly refined as they replace quality real ingredients with cheaper processed ones. Steer towards home made or dark organic varieties for the majority so you get the health benefits too! They won’t give you that ‘hung over’ feeling the next day like processed food often can.
  1. Keep the exercise up – The Easter weekend is a time to relax but sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing the entire time isn’t really the answer. Instead use the extra holidays to embrace your training program to make sure that you survive Easter without a couple of extra kilos to boot. This doesn’t mean that just going for a 30 minute slow walk qualifies you to sit down and eat a huge Easter egg or a packets of small eggs, be realistic!
  1. Start the day off right – Plan ahead and make your first meal of the day a nice hearty breakfast. If you know that in advance that you will be consuming chocolate at some point during the day, a good option would be some eggs, salmon, avocado on a couple of slices of gluten free bread or an omelette which is jammed packed with quality vegetables (kale, spinach, capsicums, mushrooms). When you are satiated you make better choices. Starting your day off with chocolate as your first meal can often set you up for a disaster, as it only fuel your sugar cravings!
  1. Water consumption – Although we have just experienced a change of season, the weather is still very warm which means ample water consumption is absolute. You should be drinking 0.03 of a litre of water per day for every kg of body weight. Also by adding extra fluids it will help your body to detox from the higher than normal sugar consumption, you are also less likely to feel hungry and make poor nutrition choices.

By following these 5 simple tips, I can assure you that you will still have a awesome time over the Easter period – and not loose your hard earned results and potentially even make some gains!

Happy Easter!


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