Tired of seeing that ‘waving’ layer of fat every time you lift your arm in the air? Perhaps its time to take action with some specific training to target that unwanted layer!

Help to banish those batwing arms with these three exercises, which specially target the triceps (back of the arms) to give you the toned and sculpted arms that your desire! Transforming bat wings into toned arms also requires more than just doing triceps exercises. A good diet in conjunction with supplementation helps to eliminate this stubborn area of body fat. I suggest an increase in protein, zinc & B vitamins to naturally improve and increase this hormone without having to take it synthetically.

The more lean muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolism, meaning more calories are burnt while you’re doing nothing. For each pound of lean muscle that you add to your body, you will burn up to 30 calories per day!

Complete 12-15 reps of the exercises below 4 times through. For MAXIMUM results complete this training 3 times per week!

Exercise 1 – Tricep pushups (can be done either on toes or knees)


Exercise 2 – Tricep dips


Exercise 3 – Overhead tricep extension


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