Your Results: How The Magic Actually Happens!

One of the most common misconceptions that we see when is looking to change their body shape is assuming that performing training sessions alone will be enough to create change. Yes going to the gym or performing training sessions is ...
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How To Best Utilise Isolation For Creating New Habits!

Like most people you have probably been experiencing many feelings of confusion, powerlessness, helplessness, and an overall anxiety about what is isolation has brought upon us and also the state of the world right now. Social distancing has changed the way we ...
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Strength – Push/Pull

FITA-U Performance Centre - Semi-Private Training Mobility & Activation 10 x Around The World Dislocates 15 x Thread The Needle Per Side 10 x Scarecrows 20 x Sharapova Per Side 10 x Double External Band Rotations Warm Up Sets on ...
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Strength – Lower Body

FITA-U Performance Centre - Semi-Private Personal Training Mobility & Activation 20 x Lunge with Reach 20 x Walking Hip circles 10 x Cossack Squats 10 x Dynamic Pigeons 20 x Band Fire Hydranes 20 x Band Glute Bridges Warm Up ...
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YinYang – 09/02/2020

FITA-U Performance Centre - Group Training Warm Up Duel Dowel - Best of 5 8 x Inch Worm into Thoracic Extension 12 x Scapulas Pushups 20 x Squat with Thoracic Rotations 25 x Banded Glute Bridge into Adductions Metcon E2MOM ...
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FunctionFit – 28/01/2020

FITA-U Performance Centre - Group Training Warm-up 1 min of Knee cradles 1 min of Deadlift walks 1 min of Jefferson Curl 1 min of Banded Glute bridge Skills A1): Deadlift (4 x 5) A2): Banded Kettlebell Swing (4 x ...
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