Consistency is defined as “being logically ordered and/or following the same pattern for a period of time” (Business Dictionary). Looking back at the men and women who have come to me over time, it is clear that there is one stand out characteristic which differentiates an ‘ok’ transformation to a great transformation. That is consistency!

Here’s an example scenario, which is quite common and particularly relevant as we come into summer.

You want to loose 10kg (specific) in 12 weeks (measureable, achievable, time) so you can fit back into your summer wardrobe! (Relevant)

You have gotten to the end of your first week and you been have eating wholefoods 70% of the time and have completed 5 workouts for the week. Excited to see your progress, you decide to step on the scales to only be left disappointed, as you haven’t lost any weight!

What? All that hard work and nothing!

Standing there feeling confused you decide screw it I’ll just eat a big bowl of pasta with cream sauce and about three glasses of wine. You think to yourself that the damage is done and end up having a big slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

At this point you’re feeling pretty crappy considering you have been busting your butt at the gym, jumped on the scales and seen no change and to top it off eaten about 2000 calories in one sitting.

You start to miss a workout here and there and let yourself overeat more often then not. 5 weeks later you decide to hop back on the scales and….yikes! It’s not where you should be!

Now if only you had not got on the scale after the first week you would be more than likely continued with what you were doing? If only you had just pushed a bit harder 5 weeks ago then you would ahead right now not behind! If you want results you have to keep going!

Because the key here is: CONSISTENCY!

Have you ever seen someone stay fit without consistently working out? As once you are consistent and feel and see the results, it becomes like second nature to maintain the correct mindset, nutrition and training habits!

Try your best not to get fixated on the scales and have high expectations right off the bat. Sometimes using the scales as your only point of reference for progress isn’t such a great idea. Using multiple systems to track progress such as photos, girth and skinfold measurement, body scans, food and training diaries, allows you to see changes in all aspects of your body!

I use the above systems in one way or another to keep my clients on track. I know when they are starting to fall off the wagon when I can see they haven’t been coming into gym outside training sessions, they are starting to look a little worse for wear or their mood has changed! When you don’t have someone to stay accountable to it is much easier to be inconsistent!

Here’s to your health and fitness journey!


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