“If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then posture is a lens to our health”(Glen Kent, PhD) Sit and stand with proper posture and you’ll not only feel a whole lot younger but you will also look it too!

At first glance, correct posture conveys confidence, poise and leadership but unfortunately few of us actually possess it! Poor posture develops gradually and it is not often until we start to experience shoulder or back pain that we realise how much badly it has declined!

Good posture results when the muscles of the body align properly, allowing for efficient movement. When your body’s muscles and joints are balanced and supported properly, you’re better able to perform everyday activities, such as squatting to pick up laundry or running down a flight of stairs efficiently.

4 Daily Exercises To Improve Your Posture!

  1. Stretch and Release the Chest

The Wall Chest Stretch can be performed just about anywhere! By loosening your pec muscles it will allow more range of movement and openness across the chest. Hold for 60 seconds on each side, this exercise can be performed multiple times in a day.


  1. Strengthen Your Core

Strong core muscles (rectus abdominals and transverse abdominals) don’t just keep your back healthy and resistant to pain and injury; they also hold your body upright, improve balance and enable you to move your body with greater control and efficiency. The good ol’ plank is an awesome foundation exercise for improving your core strength. Start off by holding for 30 seconds and slowly build up in 15-second increments.

  1. Fix Rounded Shoulders

No doubt someone has told you in your lifetime, get your shoulders back! But we can actually train our shoulders to stay back by performing pull exercises that focus on shoulder blade/scapula retraction. My favorite is the face pull! This exercise can be performed by simply using a resistance band or for a more advanced version, use the cable machine.

Click Here for Face Pull video

  1. Stretch Your Hip Flexors

The couch stretch is one of the best exercises to loosen off tight hips caused by years of sitting for extended periods, and can easily be performed at home up against a couch. Be sure to keep your buttocks engaged to stabilise your lower back, and hold the position for 1-2min each side.


Our posture does no improve overnight but it will over time when these exercises are performed on a daily basis. As your posture improve you will begin to feel and look better. So why wait for a problem to arise, start improving it today!

Yours in health,

Ashley Carucci

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