Being someone who is present in the fitness industry everyday, I meet many amazing people. From all walks of life, different professions and different ages walk through the doors of a gym. Some people are there for a social outing, some to burn some calories on the treadmill, others are just there ‘because they should be doing some sort of exercise’. Though when most people are asked the question of what their goals are or what is the purpose for their visit most can’t give a very convincing answer. Though this is a nice little one I hear quite often, “I would love to do personal training, bootcamp etc. but I can’t afford it”! So then they continue to do nothing and/or continue to have a gym membership but never utilise the services available within the facility.

Every person has goals whether it is fat loss, to build muscle, be healthier or just to improve their mobility. They often rank them as 8 or 9 out of 10 (1 being not important and 10 being very important). So if reaching your goals were that important you would make a damn good effort to achieve them in the safest, easiest and most successful way through specific training and nutrition.

I am going to give you something to think about. By breaking it down simply, I can show you that you can afford it! Speaking hypothetically your standard week consists of 1-2 takeaway coffees each day, maybe a bought lunch 2 days per week; take away food 1 night per week and drinks at club/bar 1 night a week. We have:

  • Lunch $30 per week
  • Drinks $50
  • Takeaway $30 per week (conservative)
  • Coffees $40 per week

That’s $150 per week before you even add in and take out the bits that apply to yourself, but as you can see small amounts spent here and there quickly add up! Now I’m not saying that you should completely cut out the entire above and be a hermit but if you:

  • Reduce your coffees to 3 per week and you will save $28!
  • Stop buying your lunch and don’t throw away spoiled food at the end of the week and save $30 per week!
  • Have takeaway/dine out once a fortnight and you will not only save your health but also $15!
  • Change a few of those drinks at the bar to water and save $25!

WOW you have now saved yourself around $100 per week and that’s only scratching the surface, this is not even taking into account the other little things you purchase through the week. So the next time you say “I can’t afford personal training” you’re really just making an excuse for “I choose not to invest in my health”

Yours in health,

Ashley Carucci

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