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What Is The Program?

The FITA-U Online Hybrid Program has been designed to give everyday people like you, a structured program that will keep you accountable, educate you overall health, how to eat for long term results, develop a stronger and better moving body, and more well rounded level of fitness.

We will guide you every step of the way through educational webinars, nutriton recommendations, accountability tasks, training sessions which are Coached via live streaming using Zoom (online teleconferencing) to ensure you are moving correctly and have the confidence to make progression.

This program can be completed anyone & everyone and can be done in your garage, lounge or local park. All you need is your preferred device (phone/laptop/tablet with good internet connection) a small amount of floor space, some equipment (Mat/towel, some weights, bands) and yourself!

What Do You Receive?

Proven Programming

Programmed by Director & Head Coach, Ashley Carucci, who has been in the industry for over 5 years and has been training in gyms for close to 10 years. Our online program has been recently tested on a daily basis at FITA- U Performance Centre. We carefully design our program to ensure it's acheivable for any level of fitness. 

Access To Daily Strength & HIIT Sessions via Live Streaming

Have access to daily workouts which are coached via live streamed and are programmed to ensure you don't overtrain and reduces your risk of injury. You will have access to the video recordings from the sessions throughout the week so you can go back and complete them yourself, in your own time if needed.

Technique Videos 

Technique is imperative when it comes to training espescially as you start progressing and get stronger. Each component of our programming has a demo video and is hyperlinked into the app, Wodify, that you will have access to. We also have an extensive library of other videos on our YouTube channel, which you will have access to.

Results Tracking

You have the ability to log your results whilist completing your session or once it is completed. This ensures you can keep an accurate log of what you did for each exercise as well as providing you with your weights and reps for the next session, along with updating your position on our leader board. Personal bests will be highlghted and rewarded.  

Access To Our Community 

Be part of the awesome community within our gym. Jump on the daily whiteboard & online Facebook Community Forum to see the feedback on sessions, check yours and others results, share tips and be kept accountable through positive vibes of the community. We also hold regular community/social events to keep our members connected outside of training sessions.

Ongoing Education

Like the old saying goes 'you never stop learning'. Through our Webinars you will receive ongoing education on training, nutrition, mindset along with access to daily accountability tasks eg. gratitude, nutrition logging and incidental activity tracking, to help you keep moving towards your goals.

Types of Sessions

We have 2 different types of sessions for our Program to help you achieve a well rounded level of strength and fitness. We rececommend a minimum of two strength sessions and one full body conditioning session but you can complete all 6 sessions of each week for maximum results. Each days program is designed to ensure you don't overtrain one part of your body. 


Technique and progression is key to first class strength training. We incorporate big compound exercises like squats, pressing movements, lunges & chin-ups during these sessions. Each days session has a focus theme whether it be lower body, upper body or posterior focused. Every 4 weeks the program is restrucured to ensure you are getting a mixture of both higher and lower rep ranges overtime.

Full Body Conditioning

This session is designed to elevate your heart rate for a longer period of time through a variety of rep, time or distance based intervals using the combnation of weights, your own bodweight and traditional cardio. The goal is improve your level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness and help to get the blood flowing through some perhaps sore muscles from the weeks training.

What A Training Session Looks Like!

Session Timetable!

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Hear what our members think of our gym and online program

"In the year that I have been training at FITA-U Performance Centre I have seen some big changes in terms of improved strength and fitness. The monthly changes to the strength program means that there are regular new challenges to maintain motivation. A big part of that motivation comes from the community which definitley help through the early winter mornings."  

- Sean Cooper, 45 -

"I’ve been training at FPC for over 2 years now and continue to see results through supportive coaching and community. The tracking of each session as well as the changes of the program each month ensures you are always making progression and keeps things interesting! In the past year I have increased my Deadlift by 25 kg. Training is now something I always look forward to! 

- Sarah Stewart, 31 -

"I have made great progress in the time I have been training at FITA-U Performance Centre. When I first started I always experiencing a very niggly lower back. Through the specific mobility & activiation drills and correct programming and technique correction in each session, I have since been able to activate & strengthen my glutes correctly. This has not only seen my lower back pain deminish but I have also hit PB's on my upper body strength which is something that I have struggled with in the past"

- Helen Wade, 51 -

"Great programming, coaching and acocuntability. My strength has increased ten fold over past 3 years I have trained at FPC, which includes hitting a 100kg Deadlift along with less injuries from the social sports I play. It's the first gym I've actually enjoyed going to which is a testament to the community and friendships made!"

- Kate Sloan, 35 -

“Over the years I have always kept active through walking, some light boxing and bodyweight strength/flexibility classes but when we were required to go into ISO back in March I saw it as perfect opportunity to join the FITA-U Online Hybrid Program. This was the first time I had joined a program with structured training sessions with a community of likeminded people and was really surprised at much I enjoyed Zooming in for the sessions. Joining the 30 Day Post ISO Reset Challenge really took my health and fitness to another level. It helped me to form sustainable lifestyle habits in all aspects which not only achieved great results during that time focused period but also well after. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in the world, there really is no limitations!

- Milva Carucci, 56 (Lost 2.5kg and over 10cm on the Challenge) -

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