Just over 8 weeks ago, I stepped off stage from competing in my first season of INBA Male Fitness Model. I had a lot of people comment about how much they enjoyed reading my last blog ‘My Journey To The Stage’ (click here if you haven’t read it already) so I thought it was only fitting that I wrote a second instalment  about how I am going post comp!

When it comes to competing you would think preparing for a fitness competition would be the hardest part of the journey! Unfortunately for most this is not the case as most competitors suffer from something called ‘Post Comp Blues’!

The journey to the stage is quite a long one and does absorb your life, putting you in the mindset of ‘No I can’t have that’ then the competition is over and you realise ‘Yes I can have that’! So did I suffer from this? Yes and no. The first few days post comp I will admit that I splurged out a bit and felt bloated, chubby and sorry for myself! I was worried I had let myself go and was no longer lean but a fatty! Pulling myself back on track towards the end of that first week was the hardest as I had become relaxed. Even though I wasn’t indulging in junk food but instead things such as raw slices, acai bowls, cocowhip and organic honey. To most people this wouldn’t seem that bad, but when you have been in a serious calorie deficit for weeks your body just stores it as fat due to the calorie density. By Saturday I was back to eating structured again eg. balanced portions and timed meals, although my will power was being tested, I knew I had to follow the reserve diet 90% of the time.

I found using My Fitness Pal for the first 3-4 weeks post comp was a great accountability tool for myself to ensure I was staying on track with calories. I went back to have a weekly cheat meal and my beloved almond milk coffee everyday (oh how I missed it!). By week 6 my calories had increased to 4100 per day but I was still sitting at around 8% Body Fat on skinfolds. I found that having eaten wholesome portion sized meals for years prior to competing, coupled with good discipline; I was able to readjust to normal life quite well.

So what next? At the moment I’m focusing on my business and training my clients to get awesome results leading into summer! With the Goodlife Acceler8 Challenge about to finish I’m excited to see my clients  final results and no doubt some awesome transformations photos. You can see these transformations by following me on both Instagram @fita_u_personaltraining and Facebook FITA U Personal Training. As for me, I have set personal goals with my new coach to put on kg’s of lean mass over the next couple of months in preparation for Season A whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Over the past weekend I had a dexa scan done to compare results from my previous scan 4 weeks ago and was stoked to see that I had put on 2.6kg of lean mass! This is the most lean mass I have put on during any training phase:)

So until my next blog, happy training!

Yours in health,


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