Mel Christiansen

“After training with Ash for a little over 9 months, I’ve come such a long way with my fitness, mental challenging & overall weight-loss. To date 7 kgs!! With a huge drop in measurements! Ash has been nothing but a pleasure to train with his step by step food & eating guides (which he tailored for my busy schedule) make life so much easier & to follow”


Debby Noble

“Last year I found FITA-U Performance Centre run by Ashley Carucci and what an excellent stroke of luck it was! The team has kept me on a clear path of healthy living, introducing me to exercises that focus on each part of my body and recipes that are easy to prepare. 6am starts 4-5 days a week and the results are showing, I couldn’t be happier. Most importantly, Ash and the team ensure that we are taught proper technique, which has been crucial to avoid injury. The yoga has also improved my flexibility. I highly recommend FITA-U Performance Centre to others who would like to live a healthier life and meet like minded people, give them a call today!”


Ed Stephan

“I’ve been training at FITA-U Performance Centre since December 18 and recommend it because I have improved both my physical and mental health in a safe and fun environment. The coaches are very knowledgeable and supportive. Ash is an excellent coach but also a very hard working and passionate businessman. All in all, a great community that delivers top results – give it a try!”

Kristy Connor

“I loved training at FITA-U Performance Centre. The workouts can be tailored to your individual fitness level but Ash always finds a way to push you to your limits and get the most out of you. Everyone is so friendly and it really is a great little community”

Amanda Adams

“The team at FPC have a great understanding and knowledge of individual training. You are in a small class but everyone works at their level, it’s hard work but also lots of fun and we have an amazing community. Want results and meet like minded people, come and give FITA-U ago”


Holly Burnett

“I always leave here feeling better than I did when I walked in! Ash has got an excellent mentality and a contagious positive attitude. This is probably why the gym has such a lovely community and friendly atmosphere. He has so much knowledge that he shares about better nutrition, far away from fad diets and feeling hungry! The exercises are adjusted for every individual so everyone is working at a level that is right and safe for them”


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