When it comes to achieving great body transformations, there are three key factors need to be remembered compliance, consistency and hard work. In an industry where there are many trends and quick fixes, it is so important to implement strategies that will get effective results.

Recently we finished our very first Super Sexy 8 Week Winter Challenge, which was a huge success! Some of the transformations achieved by our members were astonishing and they even surprised themselves when they saw there before and after pictures. We have slowly been sharing our members amazing results over the last couple of weeks and have had many people ask how we have done it! So we have decided to let you in on our secret system and amassed a list of 5 key tips to a successful body transformation. 

  1. Setting your goals

To achieve a successful body transformation you must set clear goals that follow what we like to call the S.M.A.R.R. rule (Check out the blog post we did late last year on Goal Setting). Where most go wrong when setting goals is they set one big goal eg. lose 15kg or more in a relatively short period of time. The problem is this can feel like an overwhelming goal that can discourage you from achieving it. This is why it is important to set a series of smaller goals that are achievable and lead towards the end goal.

  1. Gut Health

Most people’s gut health has slowly gotten worse over the years, which has led to a decline in our micro biome diversity (good gut bacteria). What we put in our gut, will dictate how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally. It really is the starting point and what needs to be looked at first as your nutrition can be on point but if your gut isn’t digesting the food your eating properly, things aren’t going to move as quick as they should. To read more about what we look at when it comes to gut health, Click Here to check out one of our previous blogs.

  1. Plan & Prepare Your Nutrition

We start all our programs off with a nutrition seminar where we provide education on how to use our food diary, the recipe book Fit Food Forever and the mindset that should be adopted when looking at food. This helps to setup a weekly nutrition plan going forward.  The next step is taking the time to plan out your meals for the week, this helps you to put together a grocery list so that when you go shopping you don’t end up buying unnecessary food that is often crap. Pre-packing as many meals as possible in Tupperware for easy consumption throughout the week is an absolutely crucial to your success with your nutrition.

  1. Energy Output

Strength training 3-4 times per week should always be set as the number one priority when it comes to energy output. Don’t get me wrong, any form of exercise is always better than sitting on our bums but if you really want to focus on getting best possible transformation, building muscle through quality strength training is only way to raise your resting metabolic rate. Your Incidental Activity also plays a big part in a successful transformation, especially if you are someone who is in a very sedentary job. You should be aiming to get 10,000 or more steps per day to ensure you are getting ample amount of energy output.

  1. Tracking & Assessing Regularly

Every week we have a nutrition diary check in where members submit their food diaries for the week to either our private forum or via email. This allows us to make 2-3 suggestions max. each week on what could be improved on and overtime this has a much more positive effect as members are learning about how to make better nutrition choices and eating intuitively first, following a strict plan or counting calories is something we look at when getting towards the pointy end of a transformation. At FPC, we use an InBody Scan to monitor body composition results. This allows us to see exactly where a members body fat and muscle mass is sitting at. We also monitor & record the weight lifted in our strength sessions where the programming is changed every 4 weeks, along with the results in our performance testing. We also cover other factors such as sleep & general life as they too can have positive or negative impact on a members results.

At FITA-U Performance Centre, we specialize in ‘Helping everyday people to achieve extraordinary results’. Our programs like our 28-Day and 8 Week Challenges are designed to educate you, get you leaner & stronger and provide the accountability and support needed to form healthy habits that are sustainable long term.

If you are looking to take your body and mind to the next level then let us coach you so you too can achieve amazing transformation success. Our next challenge 8 Week Challenge launches soon! Register your details by linking the link below!

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