Have there been times in your life where you wished you could’ve done something differently, had a better response to a question or reacted differently to a situation? I’m more than certain there would’ve been. Now I’m not here to get all nerdy and scientific on mindset and get on a motivational band wagon, but I am going to share with you how the response and amount of responsibility you take towards situations can dramatically impact many aspects in your life and the results you get.

There are many times in our lives where we are thrown a curve ball and unexpected events occur and things don’t go to plan. The natural response is to react to these events that occur around us and play the blame game. Why? Our brains are hard wired to react without even thinking. The brain’s specialized mechanism for spatial self-awareness that combines visual cues (seeing) with body motion (reaching).  The problem is these reactions are not always the best course of action and often make matters worse, causing us as humans to be unhappy.The last few months have certainly been some the most challenging perhaps in my life and our community. But if there are two things I could say that have been learnt is to respond and not react to any situation and take responsibility for my actions. It’s not easy and I’m nowhere near auto pilot mode when it comes to this, as reactions are often based on previous fears and insecurities. Not sure what I mean, lets take at a quick look at one example:

  1. React: You dine out at a restaurant on a Friday night, consume way too much food and alcohol. You know you have training the next morning and have also well and truly derailed from the good habits you have been maintaining all week. Wake up the next morning feeling like rubbish so cancel your training and decide well I’ve stuffed it already so lets just keeping going and write this weekend off. Making you feel 10 times worse when it comes to Monday.
  2. Respond: You dine out at a restaurant on a Friday night, consume way too much food and alcohol. You wake up the next morning feeling like rubbish, know you have detailed from the good habits you have been maintaining but decide that there is no use feeling sorry for yourself. You instead take responsibility by getting out of bed, drinking a few glasses of water (perhaps a shot of apple cider vinegar for gut health), eat a common and nourishing breakfast, go to your training session and do the best you can. You automatically feel 10 times better and haven’t written off the whole weekend.

Sound familiar? This choice presents itself to us all the time, whether it’s an annoying co worker, not getting the results you hoped for on a test, only loosing a small amount of weight, and so on. The main thing is learning mindfulness and stopping to pause for a minute or two. Let the reaction go away. Then respond with compassion and intelligence. There will always be things that happen in life that grinds our gears but if we learn how to assess, take responsibility, respond and not react to the outcome of whatever the situation it is, we can make things better and not worse.

Believe in yourself and make change for the better!

Ashley Carucci

Director and Head Coach

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