We’ve all seen Miss Universe contestants like Jennifer Hawkins, Renae Ayris and Rachel Finch and have undoubtedly oared over their killer curves!! Well grab a cup of green tea and sit down for the next 5 minutes to read more on the training you should be doing to achieve these similar aesthetic features!!

There are many ways in which you can move your body or perform exercise. They all serve their purpose in the world of exercise and each one will get you different results though are also dependent on what your goal is. If your goal is to create that beautiful long, lean, curvy look then you must train for it!

I recently participated in a workshop, ‘Creating Curves’, presented by Sydney-based Alexa Towersey who is the trainer to a multitude of celebrities! Although my training methodology has always differed for males to females, Alexa’s proving techniques and knowledge reiterated how to specifically train women to get those long, lean curves!

So what sort of training should I be doing you may ask? In simply terms, you should be opening up the front of the body and strengthening the back. Most people are becoming more hunched over (I’m sure just pulled your shoulders back?), sitting down more then ever before and allowing the gluteus to become lazier as we speak. When designing a workout I consider the following:

  • The warm up: Warming up correctly will not only prime your muscles for a great workout, but can help activate your central nervous system. Your warm up should also focus on activating the correct muscles and deactivating unnecessary muscles. For example, the majority of woman do not want to build trap muscles (the muscles which sits between the neck and shoulders) therefore using a exercise such as the Trap 3 Raise allows you to deactivate the trap muscle and activate the scapula in preparation to performing upper exercises.
  • Exercise placement: Choosing exercises that strengthen the posterior chain (back muscles) you are not only training for improved and stronger posture but also developing the gluteus, hamstrings and calves. Training quad dominant exercises such as squats, squat variations and lunges also help to develop shape through the legs.
  • Circuits or giants sets: Placing exercises in a circuit or giant set for developing lean muscle mass and maximize fat burning whilst training and for post exercise energy consumption. Rep ranges should typically be between 8-20, depending on the weight and difficulty of the exercise, and should be no less the 4 sets to each workout.
  • Tempo or speed you lift at: This is very important when training for muscle development and fat loss. It is imperative to use a slow down or eccentric phase (3-6 seconds) and slighter faster up or concentric phase. This creates more training stress on the body, which increases neutral stimulation of hormones and in turn increases your heart rate and metabolic rate.
  • Rest: In a circuit or giant set the rest between each exercise is quick (10-15 seconds) as this elevates the heart rate and maximizes the fat burning potential. Once all the exercises in the circuit/giant set are complete, a rest period of 90-120 seconds is taken to ensure the intensity can be maintained through out the remaining rounds. A giant set can be completed between 3-5 times depending on the training age of the client.In this video is a simple lower body workout, which demonstrates effective warm up/pre-hab exercises to increase mobility and muscle engagement before going into the main series of exercises. Hope you enjoy it!

Yours in health,



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