I will always remember the first serious gym I walked into. I was a skinny 19-year-old boy, who had been a member of a gym before but ended being just another number in a “big gym” after being scared off by all the big guys in there and not really knowing how to use all the equipment properly. But this time, I didn’t want to just be a lost number who only came in for the first few weeks of the New Year. I was determined. I wanted to achieve the goals I had set.

This time I plucked up the courage to ask for help and fortunately has an awesome trainer show me the ropes of strength training, how to follow a program and the importance of consistency to achieve great results, this gave me peace of mind and assurance that I wouldn’t fail this time.

Fast forward a bit over 7 years of being under the bar and in the industry, if someone would’ve told me then that I would be living my quickly gained passion for health and fitness everyday and be running my very own Personal Training gym, I would’ve probably laughed in their face. But even after all these years, having been to countless gyms whether it was for casual training sessions with mates, workshops/seminar or being a sub contractor, I still get those some of the concerned feelings when I walk through the doors like the first time.

This got me thinking, if I still get those feeling even after so much time and experience, what would of happened if I never had that awesome experience, maybe gotten injured when joining a gym or even had the courage to go back again? Unfortunately for a lot of people, they do experience this and probably never reach their true potential because of these very reasons. To get a deeper insight I recently spoke to a number people, ranging from clients to friends to other trainers to hear some of their thoughts when they first stepped into a gym of some sort for the first time. They were all quite similar with some of the common ones being:

  • ‘I’m to fat to be here’
  • ‘I don’t know what half this equipment is let alone how to use it’
  • ‘I’m scared of that person checking themselves out in the mirror’
  • ‘Where do I go when I arrive’
  • ‘Am I wearing the right clothes’
  • ‘I’ll just skip the weights room this week go and do a class’
  • ‘Should I do more cardio or weights to lose fat’

This is probably sounding relatable if you are someone who is sitting on the fence about engaging with some sort of service to help you. So how can you overcome these fears and reservations and stop the negative mindset and limiting beliefs? Here are three excellent tips to help you:

  • Know What Your Goal Is: This helps with what type of service you engage with to help you achieve your goal. If your goal were to lose 10 kg in 8 weeks you probably wouldn’t go somewhere that specialises in pure Power Lifting. You would more likely need to see someone who specialises in great fat loss results.
  • Research: This ties into the previous point, you should ideally by looking for someone who you can trust and relate to. They must have an understanding of what your goals are listen to what you have to say. A has a proven track record is probably the most important one to consider. There should be visible evidence to show that they have helped people similar to you. Also a FAQ page is a great thing to checkout as a lot of the time the answers to most of your questions will be on this page.
  • Invest In Quality Coaching:  Investing into a coach/personal trainer is something that you should seriously consider when looking to work towards your goals. When you are working with someone who is an expert in their area, you have a much better chance of safely achieving your goals in the shortest time possible and also implementation of good habits across all aspects. A personal trainer/coach also pushes you to make changes, keeping you accountable for the progress you need to make.

As you can see, it’s not uncommon to have mixed feelings when you are embarking on your health and fitness journey for the first time or even just restarting it. Remember we all ‘have to crawl before we can walk’ and I am true believer that by getting the right help, anything is truly possible. If you have any further questions on getting started with your goals, simply click the button below!

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